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Our Final Expense Life Insurance Sales Course will help you make money quickly.

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Learn a Proven Sales Process

This Final Expense Life Insurance Sales course is the best in the industry and guaranteed to increase your close rate and profitability

Taught by Top-Producing Agents

You’ll learn from the best agents in the industry who will share the same sales system that led to their massive success

Practical Out-of-Studio Trainings

Several of our modules take you out of the classroom and into the field so you can see exactly what to do

Agent Downloads & Resources

Our lessons are designed for all learning types and include written notes & resources that you can take into the field

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Stop Losing Sales

Feeling frustrated with your results? You don’t have to waste any more time or money figuring out sales on your own. You can be successful in this industry - you just haven’t been taught how.

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A Lesson for Every Step of the Sale

Level up your sales process with this self-paced video course that will have you approaching your leads with confidence in no time!

Preparing for Your Week

Learn the basics of leads and the importance of having drive time focus

Getting in the Door

Learn how to set appointments and do the "doorknock dance" to get the sit

Mastering the Presentation

Learn how to give our proven presentation that builds trust and value with prospects

Always Be Closing

Learn the closing checklist and how to use tie-downs to close throughout your sit

In-Home Underwriting

Learn a simple process for underwriting to qualify your client for the best product

Pricing Strategies

Learn how to determine the best way to present an affordable price

Replacement Policies

Learn when to replace prospect's existing policies and when to add coverage

Managing Your Business

Learn the key to client care to increase your profitability and avoid chargebacks

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Great ongoing resource available to Life Insurance Agents. The team is relentless in giving invaluable information to continue to better your business. Awesome work!

Brendan Q.

$21 Million

The simplified, proven sales system taught in this course has generated over $21 million in agent income.

30,000+ Sales

We've taught thousands of agents the same principles from these lessons that have closed over 30,000 sales.

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Your Simple Steps for Success


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Close more sales by mastering these fundamentals

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Don't Waste Time Figuring it Out On Your Own

No matter whether you're just entering the industry or have been doing this for some time now, our Final Expense Life Insurance Sales course will teach you new perspectives and practices to grow your business.

Our 15-minute or less video lessons allow you to learn in bite-sized chunks so you can easily fit learning into your busy day.

Your investment in this course will pay for itself after your first sit when you apply the proven sales system that you learned from our team.

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Final Expense Life Insurance Sales Course

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